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Who is Ms. Black

Ms. Black is a single mom and educator in the nation’s largest public school district with 25 years of experience. Growing up, her mother taught her the basic tenets of financial management. Her desire to be financially independent led her to become the first on both sides of her family to earn a college degree and become a proficient financial translator. She now owns two properties and is one mortgage away from being totally debt-free. Her love of teaching and learning has called her to learn all she can about teacher finances and share that knowledge with her colleagues. She shares her knowledge of maximizing benefits, saving, slow investing, and traveling on a budget on her podcast Staying in the Black. She loves traveling the world with her family and has over $500,000 in her retirement accounts beyond her pension. She is living her best life on her educator’s salary and wants to teach others how to do the same.

Origin Story

After toying around with the idea of creating a platform to deliver actionable financial advice to teachers and small business owners to help them beat the cycle of financial instability, Ms. Black took a bold step in 2019 when she officially launched Staying in the Black on Instagram.

Our Mission

Staying in the Black is a community designed to help you save more money, get out of debt faster, invest, and increase your net worth. 

We want everyone who is willing to take control over their finances – whether they’re just starting out or have been struggling with it for years – to be able to live their best LIFE. We know that when people are living proudly every day without worrying about how much interest rates will go up again tomorrow, there isn’t anything holding them back from achieving financial independence!

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