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Getting Started is the Name of the Game

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Janice Saunders is a compassionate mentor to budding professional women. Her mission is to empower young professionals to use great speaking skills to build a life and career where their brilliance is on full display. Armed with a Life Coaching Certificate from New York University, years of award-winning sales performance and the heart of a coach, Janice uses cutting-edge coaching techniques to position her clients for success for the long term. With over 25 years in the professional world, Janice has leveraged the communication and coaching skills she has mastered as a salesperson and coach to create The Confident Speaking Skills System so that budding professionals learn the techniques needed to launch their professional life with confidence. Janice is a Mom, committed partner, author, speaker, and passionate volunteer with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.
Instagram:  @therealjanicesaunders
Facebook Group: @dynamicconfidentspeakers

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