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How to build a profitable 7 figure tutoring company

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Jay Veal is the CEO of INC Education, the #1 AA-owned private tutoring and education company in the Southern US as well as the top online tutoring company for BIPOC in the nation. He is also Founder/CEO of The Jay Veal Brand which is a Dallas-based premier consulting brand that deploys education, business, and credit consulting. He has been a Black Enterprise contributor for education and credit.

He also founded Black Tutors of Social Media, a Dallas, and Atlanta-based ed-tech NPO. During the pandemic, Jay pivoted to see what else he could offer the world outside of the highly decorated tutoring company. He wanted to give black-owned private tutoring companies a platform and public directory to convene and offer services and resources so the public could find them as they support families and students during this time and beyond. In addition to the platform, BTSM aims to close achievement gaps, belief gaps, 
and opportunity gaps with 6 nonprofit community programs for all students at large. With the minority family in mind, BTSM was created to be a safe haven where families could find resources that looked and operated like them for their educational and social needs.

He has been featured in major media outlets including Black Enterprise, Forbes, 
Entrepreneur, Business Insider, NBC, Dallas Morning News,, Exceptional People Magazine, and more. He is also a Dallas Business Journal 40 under 40 Honoree and an Atlanta Business Journal 40 under 40 Nominee.

 He serves on the board of Rae’s Hope and Big Thought.

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