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Why I Started A Crochet Handmade Doll Company

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Aniqua Wilkerson is the artist/designer behind My Kinda Thing; a small handmade business that specializes in creating one-of-a-kind melanin hue dolls. 

The creation of these handmade dolls goes beyond the typical doll-making process. My Kinda Thing dolls embody positive imagery, through creating designs in a variation of brown skin tones, hairstyles and hair textures,  that realistically depict children of color. 

The mission of this unique melanin doll collection is to encourage and promote pride and confidence in children of color;  particularly geared towards girls and more specifically black girls, in efforts to combat self-hate.

 My Kinda Thing dolls have been used as a teaching tool, created with love and purpose much like the individuals they represent and who in turn will purchase them.

Instagram: @mykindathinguniversity

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