Staying In the Black:
Your Ultimate Guide
to Financial Success

“Staying in the Black” podcast empowers teachers to manage finances with 8 keys, including budgeting, investing, and debt management. Hosted by Ms. Black, the podcast covers teacher-specific financial tools like pensions, TDA 403b, and Deferred Compensation 457.

Staying in the Black means having more assets than liabilities and being able to pay off your debt without any problems.

Ms. Black

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About me

Ms. Black is a single mom and educator in the nation’s largest public school district with 25 years of experience.

Growing up, her mother taught her the basic tenets of financial management. Her desire to be financially independent made her the first on both sides of her family to earn a college degree and become a proficient financial translator. She now owns two properties and is one mortgage away from being debt-free.

Levels of Staying in the Black

Our aim is to provide you with doable processes to guide you on your journey to financial independence while ensuring you enjoy life in the interim.



You are in the red and financially insecure. You are unable to reliably cover your basic needs.


Middle School

You are building financial security. You are better able to cover your basic needs. You begin to seek information on personal finance, building good money management skills, and getting out of debt.


High School

You are financially secure, have good money management skills, have strategic debt (student loans, mortgage, etc.), and are investing for retirement and building your portfolio.


You are financially flexible, have very good money management skills, and have strategic debt (student loans, mortgage, etc.), maximizing retirement options and expanding your portfolio.

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Graduate School

You are financially independent,  have excellent money management skills, is Debt-free, work optional, and living your best life.

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Tune in weekly Staying in the Black podcast, Teacher & Money . Every week personal finance translator and host Ms. Black will share actionable steps, resources, and inspiration that educators can use to maximize their benefits and improve their personal finances.

Discover a wealth of knowledge from over a hundred podcast episodes divided into the 8 Keys to Financial Empowerment:

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