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Exploring side hustles and next chapter options

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In this episode, Ms. Black discusses the importance of exploring side hustles and the options for the next chapter. You may be interested in starting a side hustle or have an idea of what you want to do once you retire, but have you truly explored the idea? Do you know the pros and cons? Do you know if you’ll truly enjoy doing the job?  Many times, we fall in love with the idea of a certain job/position/title but don’t know what the actual work and responsibilities it entails. In this episode, Ms. Black provides you with some guidance and resources to explore your side hustle or next-chapter options before you invest.

Design Your Life by Burnett & Evans

Ms. Black, the host of Staying in the Black, is a single mom, homeowner, and public school educator in NYC. She owns two properties and is one mortgage away from being totally debt-free. She loves traveling the world with her family and has over $500,000 in her retirement accounts beyond her pension.

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