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How to evaluate a job offer?

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  1. Salary. What is the total salary?
  2. Leave. What’s the vacation and sickness allowance?
  3. Health Saving Account contributions. What are the premiums? Is dental and ophthalmic cover included? When will you be eligible?
  4. Stock. What stock options are available? Are stock units given as part of a bonus or do you have to be working at the organization for a certain length of time before you are eligible?
  5. Tuition reimbursement. Will the employer cover your tuition fees if you decide to enroll in relevant paid educational courses?
  6. Incentives. Is the incentive scheme based on personal achievements or the company’s wider performance?
  7. Insurance. What insurance plans are offered? How much will they cost 8. Pension. What contributions will the company make?
  8. Profit sharing. Is there a plan to give employees a share of the company’s profits?
  9. Use of a company car, cellphone or computer. Are these provided? If so, will these expenses be tax refundable?
  10. Other perks. Are any additional benefits offered, for example, gym membership, daycare, travel costs, sabbaticals, etc
  11. Savings and Expenses What are the commuting cost? Are there any relocation cost? Are perks covering some cost? Are you losing some perks that you now have to pay for?
  12. Time The amount of time that your new job will take up (beyond core hours) can be difficult to judge. It might be worth talking to someone who has a similar role in the company to try to understand what workload you may be expected to take on or how much overtime you may have to work.
  13. Career Path what new skills and experiences will you acquire? Does this job provide professional learning to enhance your skills?

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