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How to publicize & market your small business

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Aisha Murphy is a Public Relations and Media professional.  Blogging, vlogging, copywriting/copy editing, podcasting, and live broadcasting are just a few of Aisha’s areas of expertise.

As a freelance consultant, Aisha helped smaller business entities create better content online. Murphy 4 Hire New Media Consulting Services helped small businesses, small nonprofits, and micro-influencers develop and optimize their social media operations through content strategy and social media strategy.

Aisha has helped to launch countless Live video series, IG TV series,  Facebook Audio series, Youtube Channels, Podcasts, Vodcasts, Blogs, and Businesses online. She is currently working in public affairs with the government.

Instagram: @heyaesha
Podcast:  ¡Sis! The Podcast‬
YouTube: Hey Ayaesha

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